Bob once again makes his annual pilgrimage to the desert. In April 2005, it was Southern Arizona. 
Organ Pipe is hot, even in mid-April, and hiking both on and off trail quite challenging. Unfortunately, several hikes I'd planned close to Mexico had to be cancelled the Border Patrol warned me that to go unarmed where you might run into drug-runners or illegal migrants was definitely "life threatening"! And I came across several abandoned camp sites, littered with Mexican food and magazines, miles inside the States.  
Thank you for visiting Arizona with us. You can leave now or if you're a history buff visit a slice of real western legend. Remember James Stewart in "Broken Arrow"? Come see where it all happened
I started here, a few miles north of the Mexican Border.
My first camp site, where I was, thankfully,  the only inhabitant.
1 & 2: An interesting 8 mile hike through the Sonoyta Mts to Lost Cabin Mine. 3: Ruined building near the mine, and 4, one of the mining (silver, copper) caves.
North-east of Nogales, I spent a night camped under a bright moon, until it was obscured by a torrential desert storm. Next morning, however, another bright, sunny day. That's Mt. Wrightson (9453 ft) in background.
20 miles NW of Tombstone I found a large BLM (Bureau of Lands Management) area, just waiting to be explored!
Southern Pacific RR and
San Pedro River.
On the bluff above the RR was the remains of a Spanish Presidio, and this reminder of its stormy past. (For a closer look, click on the photo). 
Ghost towns in the same area.
Left: All that remains of Contention City, a flourishing silver town until the late 1800s. The (ahem) undergarment probably post-dates the mining era!
( I shoots 'em as I sees 'em.)
Right: Cemetery at Fairbank.
Hiking in the desert can be pretty smooth, as on the Douglas Springs Trail (left) near Tucson, or downright nasty, like (below) the one up to Weaver's Needle near Phoenix. Yes, those rocks are the trail!
No matter where you go, no matter how hot it gets, you'll never be lonely with these guys to talk to they never argue or answer back!