Bob's life . . .
in Words and Photographs
The pages following were not written because I feel my life has been in any way exemplary, heroic, or even mildly notable. But I've had the good fortune to live through some interesting, oftentimes momentous, years, and I'd like to document my mostly voyeuristic part in them. Primarily for my children, but perhaps in the hope that they might prove of interest to some history buffs. Old photographs -- you'll find lots in the pages following -- have always fascinated me; maybe they'll stir your imagination. So here we go.

Chapter One: I am Born
Chapter Two: The Wartime Years
Chapter Three: Brave New World
Chapter Four: The Wild Blue Yonder                      
Chapter Five: Squadron Life
Chapter Six: Go West, Young Man
Chapter Seven: Back on Squadron!
Chapter Eight: The Last Hurrah