Weatherwise, May is usually a pretty good month in England, so we combined a visit to relatives with some "just for pleasure" vacationing . . . and had a great time.
Our first few days were spent in the West of England - Somerset - where we grew up and most of our family still live. Then we headed North: through Nottingham (my mother's birthplace), on to the ancient city of York, then to the Yorkshire Moors and into Cumbria to visit Hadrian's Wall. We also covered quite a few pubs!
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The first of many pubs! The Cricketers', Longparish, Hants.
Typical West Country church: St. John the Baptist, Carhampton, Somerset.
Left: Dramatic (?) view of Watchet, Bob's home town. Railway line behind wall in foreground, downtown and "main street" is that narrow gap the white van is about to enter!
Right: Steam lives! Ex-GWR Prairie Tank in Watchet Station, West Somerset Railway.

Left: Delightful cottage
in Williton, a village
near Watchet.
Another pub: The Bell, Frampton-on-Severn, Glos.
Left: Parish church at Kirklington, Notts, a few miles from . . .

Right: Maythorn, and the ex-woolen mill, now luxury flats, where Bob's mother was born in 1907.
   . . .   and  on  to  YORK! 
Founded by the Romans, resettled by Saxons, then Vikings, then Normans who built the still-largely-standing city walls; Richard III's hometown; great museums, pubs, restaurants.
We spent 3 days there and loved it!
York Minster, built in the years 1220-1472, on the remains of Roman York.
Left: Monk Bar, a gate on the city walls. 14th Century, top story added by Dick III in 1484. It now houses The Richard III Museum.

Right: Punch Bowl pub. We dined there the night Liverpool beat Milan!
Victorian Street replica in York Castle Museum.
In York's National Railway Museum, The Flying Scotsman was being overhauled prior to its Summer season of travelling exhibitions.
Hey how'd she get in? A fellow Canuck in one of York's parks, guarding her lone chick.