Catching up on Family News
We don't spend ALL our time on vacation! Most of the year we're "Jes Plain Folks," doing all sorts of nothing-to-shout-about stuff, or taking small day trips as the fancy (and our car) takes us. Of which we naturally take photographs. To bore friends with. Stuff recently added is at the  bottom.
He came to us as the orphaned offspring of a feral cat we fed on the sundeck of our Toronto home, and was a loving companion for eleven years, before leaving us in 2004. We still miss him.
Your chance to read the Blog of son Brian's solo 2010 east to west bike ride from St. John's to Victoria. And yes, he did have to ride a couple of ferries!.
A Father-Son canoeing trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario is slightly challenged by the weather, which goes from 80F sunshine to Snow in three days!
The story in pictures of a promising young life tragically cut short. We miss his affable, charming, happy-go-lucky, and at times chaotically disorganised company.
After setting a new Guiness record for procrastination, we finally decided to fork out the cash (lots of it!) for a new driveway. Here's how it went!