Exploring History and Nostalgia
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416 was reactivated in 1957 at Saint Hubert, Québec, as the "LYNX" All Weather Fighter Squadron. She was equipped with Avro's CF-100 Mk-V, and served at Saint-Hubert until disbandment on 30 September 1961. Those who flew with her were proud members of the Royal Canadian Air Force. This is their story.
Bob's story is not in any way exemplary, heroic, or even mildly notable. But he's had the good fortune to live through some interesting years. Written primarily for my children, they might prove of interest to some aviation buffs. Old photographs  have always fascinated me; maybe they'll stir your imagination.
That's Sparky on the left.  For 30 months, from Oct 58 to May 61, we shared the cramped cockpit of a CF100 - Sparky in front, me staring at either a radar screen or the back of his head! For 560 hours in the air, we were as close as two men can be. I miss him.
We visited England in May of 2011, and stayed for a while in Bob's Home Town, Watchet. One sunny day, He decided to take a solo walk to find – if they were still there! – the sites of some boyhood adventures.  
Another YouTube video.
A totally self-indulgent look at Bob's misdoings, told as a series of two-second images. This is strictly for the masochists among you - how much of one boring life can you take?!
You can take the boy from the country, but you can't ... well, you know the rest. In England again, in May of 2013, Bob spends an idyllic day in the countryside of his youth.
Eley Family
Good grief! Another family history? 'Fraid so, folks. The title tells it all: years in the making, a cast of several, and more bad scenes than "Plan 9 from Outer Space". It's in 7 YouTube episodes, and 75 minutes long! Don't say you haven't been warned!
Grandpop, an avid photographer, served with the British army in the Middle East during General Allenby's campaign against the Turks. His album of photos, which I inherited, is now a YouTube Documovie!
An old photo album inspires (?) us to interleave the passing of family years with contemporary events - some more meaningful and memorable than others.
I'm a history buff - indulge me!