Travels to Exotic (well, mostly!) Places
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A friend's offer to pick up a vacant spot in a prearranged tour of Egypt, at a bargain price, was too good to miss! Even though it was with a group of people who seemed more interested in "bargain" shopping and camels than the  wonders of Giza, Luxor, Alexandria, Aswan and the Valley of the Kings. 
We were a little doubtful as to whether a video of our home belonged here, but as visitors to our site are doing the "travelling", why not at least show them where we start out from?
This should be considered the not-at-all-Exotic portion of the program!
"Four Corners" is that unique part of the US and A where  Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet at a single point. The area contains, among other challenges, the Grand Canyon. This was one of Bob's solo adventures, and had a special purpose: to give his now "well run-in" new hip some REAL exercise!
You can't really say you've "Seen Canada" until you've seen the Yukon. Leastways, that's how we figured it. So early August of 2004 found us heading north, via — what else? — Air North, to Whitehorse, where our travels by rental car and foot started. We even took a side trip to Skagway, but alas, Bing and Bob weren't in town that day!
Viva Mexico! Viva la Vida Exótica! Which translated means that our late-January week on the Yucatan Peninsula was a treat worth repeating. The all-inclusive (All the Margaritas you can drink!) stay at the Oasis Hotel  was a pure delight: great food, marvellous facilities, and of course glorious weather.
Weatherwise, May is usually a pretty good month in England, so we combined a visit to relatives with some regular sight seeing. Our first few days were spent in the West of England, where we grew up and most of our family still live. Then we headed North: up to the ancient city of York, then to the Yorkshire Moors and into Cumbria to visit Hadrian's Wall. We also covered quite a few pubs!
Bob makes his annual pilgrimage to the desert. Organ Pipe NP is hot, even in mid-April, and hiking both on and off trail quite challenging. Unfortunately, several close-to-Mexico hikes had to be cancelled — going unarmed where you might run into drug-runners was definitely "life threatening"! 
A proposed (but later cancelled) RCAF reunion became the nucleus of our summer vacation plans,  and other ideas formed around it at lightening speed.  We decided to fly into Edmonton, drive through the Rocks to Vancouver Island,  and return via Calgary.    
Another vacation with a purpose - two in fact! First a reunion of Bob's graduating "High School" group - the Class of '50" - and then a visit to East Anglia to do research for a family history video. Plus Margaret got to look up old friends.
This short winter holiday began with a sumptuous - First Class all the way! - rail journey via Montreal to Quebec City. The seating was luxurious, the meals delicious - wine with lunch! - especially on the train to Quebec.
This time it was Margaret's reunion of her Year at Exeter university, so most of our time was spent in the lovely West of England - Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Nostalgia was rampant as we visited Newquay, where we dated back in 1956!
This was the BIG TRIP! Fly to Winnipeg, drive west across the Canadian Prairies, south to visit friends in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, then loop north and east back to Winnipeg. 23 days, 6100km, two Provinces and six States! We saw an amazing variety of scenery -- flatlands, mountains, deserts, canyons -- interesting towns with exotic names, and a lot of history.
Part of this solo trip for Bob was a challenge: to complete the Little Wild Horse Canyon trail on which he'd gotten lost three years ago. This time he took a GPS! But there were also some other great hikes in the Southern Utah Canyonlands on his list, before and after Little Wild Horse!
Our family vacation for 2011. Three days in Atlanta, a leisurely drive through Georgia and Florida to Key West, where we spent several days in a lovely B&B, then home via Miami. Stops along the way included the site of the Andersonville Civil War POW camp. Note that you'll be seeing this courtesy of YouTube.
After talking about it for years, we did it - a two week journey along the Trent-Severn Waterway in a rental houseboat. An enjoyable exploration and navigation of the river system that flows by our door.
This was another first for us - a coach trip with hotel room thrown in. We started at 5am in Belleville, motored to the Sheraton Hotel at 53rd and 7th Ave in Manhattan, spent 3 nights and 2 full days exploring on our own, and left town just ahead of hurricane Sandy! Another YouTube video.
We had long talked about seeing this country, and both of us had friends there. So why wait another year - we ain't getting any younger! February is the height of the Kiwi summer, and what a summer - not a drop of rain, and hardly any cloud! It was all we expected and more: friendly people, plus awesome, ever changing, scenery.
Better late than never! While swapping computers, I found the photos we'd taken on a 28-years-ago vacation. In my not so humble opinion, they're too good to leave hidden, so do please take a look. The music's good too!
Our ancient (by today's standards) Subaru Impreza needed exercising, so we took her on a 3,260 mile jaunt to La Belle Province (around the Gaspe), New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia. Among other things, we found some amazingly chic B&Bs and the joys of French  dining!
As a new experience, we decided to indulge in one of these luxury packages:  a week in London - the English one! - including a stay in a swank Mayfair hotel and some West End shows. Plus a little nostalgic sight-seeing.
We go south for sunshine to an all-inclusive swanky hotel, and find ourselves two moderately ancient vacationers surrounded by a sea of generations X and Y, but (thankfully) no Zs!