Hiking Utah -- May 2010
                     Meeting a Challenge
The Challenge, if I may be excused a little over-dramatisation, was to complete the Little Wild Horse Canyon trail on which I'd gotten lost three years ago. This time I brought a GPS! But there were also some other great hikes in the Southern Utah Canyonlands area on my list, before and after Little Wild Horse!
First stop -- my KIA SUV at the bridge over the San Rafael River
Don't forget to mouse the pics and click the       !
View from the trail head -- first step: get down the cliff!
Looking back to the TH ... and I have to climb it at the end!
In the Wash -- the drop into Eardley Canyon
Wildflowers in the Canyon
Boulder field in LSW. Needed my walking cane for this one!
Some boulders are bigger than others!
The Wash walls show nature at her rawest and roughest.
Three years before, in September of ought-seven, I threw aside the basic rules of navigation, lost myself in the joy of a hot day in the rocks, and missed a turning! Spent two days nursing my remaining water (about a 20th of a liter!) before attempting a walk out. I was at least going in the right direction when I was rescued by a fellow Canuck on a trail bike!. So I had to come back and complete this classic slot canyon hike.
At the Trail Head on a nice sunny day
Probably the narrowest part of the canyon
The Canyon walls
Next day I drove the "Behind the Rim" road to try to find the spot where, three years ago, I'd emerged from the canyons into a dry wash. and from where I'd walked out. I found it. Even my trail marker was still there - although the note I left had long rotted away!
Out of the slot canyon at last!
My Lost Camp. The big tree is the one I slept (and shivered!) under; my marker's in the foreground.
"Still standing after all these years"! My trail/camp marker - sans message.
On the outskirts of Boulder, UT, this motel is highly recommended ... by Me!
Next on my list was another shot at the Boulder to Escalante Mail Trail. 
Start of the trail; it goes downhill through pinyon pines.
As the pines thin out we hit slickrock ...
... and several sandy sections.
Trailhead for the hottest hike I did this year - 90Fplus in the Canyon!
Drove East again to overnight at Hanksville. Next day I tackled ...
Chute Canyon
   ... inside whose walls it was hotter than Hades!
Starting into the Canyon
Deep in the Canyon -- it's now VERY HOT!
Beaten by the temperature, I think I turned back at the next bend!
The trailhead. You start descending just beyond the sign.
Canyonlands National Park: Horseshoe Canyon
Horseshoe is one of the Grand Canyon variety -- you start on a plateau and trek down (a long way down!) to the Canyon -- then have to climb up again at the end!
Hiking down -- first glimpse of the Canyon
Almost there!
"Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Canyon flora.
On the Canyon floor ... thinking about the climb out!
Driving North to Salt Lake City -- snow on the Wasatch Mts
One last hike -- a sedate stroll along the San Rafael River
Looking West towards the Wedge Overlook
Another of the San Rafael's "Castles"
A Prickly Pear crop -- good hiking boots are a must here!
End of the hike, back at the First Stop Bridge.
" ... and as the sun sinks slowly in the West,
           we say 'Goodbye' to Sunny Utah."
                             Until the next time!