Viva Mexico! Viva Cancun!
              Viva la Vida Exótica!
All of which means, in plain English, that our late-January week on the Yucatan Peninsula was a treat worth repeating. The only mistake we made was in not doing two weeks, if only to give our budding tans time to mature! Our all-inclusive (Translation: all the Margaritas you can drink!) stay at the Oasis Hotel in Cancun was a pure delight: great food, marvellous facilities and organisation, and of course glorious weather. Following are a few photos to tempt other would-be temporary snowbirds. 
View from our window.
Dos  Margaritas—and a Salad!
In Mexico, cars last a long time—no salt! This elegant Buick 8 was outside an equally elegant Cancun restaurant.
We Soaked Up the Atmosphere —- and the Free Drinks!
We Grabbed a Little Culture!
. . . And We Shopped!
We Ate (and Drank)!
The beach . . . and Margaret enjoying it.
Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza (A,B), Tulum (C.D), and El Rey (E). And yes, Bob did climb El Castillo (A)!
Cafe Bar in the Cancun Mercado (Market).
Market Stalls outside the Tulum Archeological Site
Elegant section of the large Cancun Mercado.