A brief look at a memorable vacation.
Why brief? Well, in the 15 days we spent in Egypt I took over 200 photographs; there's no way I'm going to subject you to all of them! We travelled from Cairo to the Red Sea, South by train to Aswan, a short flight to Abu Simbel, and by boat down the Nile ("Up" on the map!) to Luxor to see Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Then North again, for a day in Alexandria and more time in Cairo. We also did a lot of wandering around, practising our limited Arabic mostly "La, shoukran!" (No, thank you!) to the persistent tradesmen and soaking up the atmosphere. With 5,000 years of history to absorb, we covered a lot of ground, most of it hot and dry!
Here are the highlights
in the late summer of 2004
Our first day's outing was to the pyramids and sphinx at Giza, my chance to fulfil a personal dream by retaking photos my grandfather took in 1917, using  THE SAME CAMERA.
After Cairo, a quick dip in the Red Sea, then into the mountains to the west, to the Coptic Monastery of St.Andrew. Built c.400AD.
Then, a 450 mile train ride south to Aswan, and this breathtaking view from our hotel balcony.
Downtown Aswan, to find an Internet Cafe.  Lots of them in Egypt.
Cairo from the balcony of our Hilton Rameses room. Look closely at the houses on the left: virtually all of them are unfinished in Egypt this gives them a tax break, and since it hardly ever rains . . . who cares!
We visited a Nubian village. Was he guarding them ... or us?
Abu Simbel. Nothing I say can do it justice.
Looking north towards Aswan from the High Dam.
(Lake Nasser is behind us)
Right: The High Dam Monument.
Kom Ombo Temple, north of Aswan, where the paintwork is still visible after 3,000 years!
Next on the itinerary: a cruise down the Nile to Luxor, to visit more temples and the Valley of the Kings, where we saw King Tut's (now almost empty) tomb. In the Luxor Museum was a mummy who'd been rescued by an American University from one of those sleazy "museums" in Niagara Falls. What a place to end up spending Eternity!
There's still more to come! To see Alexandria, more sights of Cairo, and a surprise stopover on our way home, please click on CHAPTER 2. If you've already had enough . . . well, you know what to do! 
The West Bank a strip of green, and then . . . the Sahara!
Edfu midway between Aswan and Luxor
The Luxor Waterfront
Luxor's Temple of Karnak, and its magnificent hypostyle (columned) Hall.
The Valley of the Kings
Left: the Colossi of Memnon.   Centre: Tomb entrances, surrounded by heavily armed Tourist Police.
Right: Queen Hatshepsut's Temple. (Where a busload of tourists was attacked several years ago.)