Snapshot Corner
We don't spend ALL our time on vacation! Most of the year we're "Jes Plain Folks," doing all sorts of nothing-to-shout-about stuff, or taking small day trips as the fancy (and our car) takes us. Of which we naturally take photographs. To bore friends with. We also get photos from other family members and friends.  Stuff recently added is at the bottom.
A small piece of Margaret's garden; early Summer 2004.
All dressed up for a school reunion!
How the lady stays in shape
practising for a fitness class.
Friends come a-visiting: Ken and Diana from
the UK, June '04.
A spectacular Campbellford sunset, after a blazing hot August day.
Taken  from our sundeck.
Lorne Sparks, my old (!) CF-100 Pilot, and I, with our ladies, dining out in Edmonton last August. (For more about "Sparky", please click here.)
As good friends will know, Our beloved cat Chuck is no longer with us. For a look at his life, please
Click Here.
An Ottawa Getaway for three sunny days in February '05
Parliament Bldgs, from the Museum of Civilisation. (From one extreme to the other!)
The beautiful and frozen! Rideau Canal.
Right: the Royal Canadian Air Force memorial, at the Rockliffe Aviation Museum.
In 1998 we had a family wedding - Brian and Carmel's. Here's the whole family: Gillian, Brian, Carmel, Bob and Margaret.
Couldn't leave this one out!
Gill's cat Sebastian visits Christ Church, Campbellford ... and gets blessed!
(Blessed if I know why!)
Shots from "The Summer of '12" - 2012, that is!
The Old Folks - Still leaving 'em laffin!
Dad and Brian
The new front garden - redesigned by Margaret
(The large bush we hung Xmas lights on has gone!)